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Klarity Multimedia, Inc. was founded in 1987 as a Top End, real time cassette duplication facility. Klarity, spelled correctly at that time "Clarity", invested in a large number of Revox real time recorders (the Mercedes Benz of the industry) and set out to conquer the world of Quality Cassette Duplication. Over the years our emphasis on quality paid off. We landed orders from organizations like Columbia House, The Houston Symphony and Bose Corporation to produce demonstration cassettes for their high-end automobile stereos in Mercedes, Audi and Corvette. Many quality conscious artists through out the years have also preferred our real time duplication work.

In 1989 we began to provide graphic design services for our customers. We realized that most of our artists were not interested in having to work out all the issues of designing and printing J-Cards for their project so we purchased the computer equipment and software to do the design work for them. The most important aspect in the design process is the personal relationship with our customer and making sure we capture the vision they have for their project. We realized early on that the artwork is as important to our clients as the actual musical production. For that reason we work closely with every artist and use state of the art Mac platforms with the latest software in our design department to ensure that we develop cutting edge designs for our clients projects. Over the years we have designed thousands of Cassette and CD projects for customers all over the United States and a number of foreign countries.

In 1992 we decided that there had been enough improvements made in high speed duplication quality so we began providing our customers with the choice of lower cost, high speed duplication or the more expensive but "ultimate" quality real time duplication. The quality of our high-speed duplication has been considered to be so good that over the last few years, 90% of our customers have chosen our high-speed duplication. However, we still do real time duplication for those projects where the fidelity of brass and wind instruments, piano or voice can benefit from the ability to duplicate delicate frequency definition only captured by real time systems.

In 1993, as the music industry had moved solidly to the digital CD format, Klarity got into the CD business. We have produced hundreds of thousands of CDs each year for independent artists since that time. Again, our emphasis has been on quality replication. Many of our customers have come to us over the years after having a bad experience with another company's production of CDs. Although anyone can have a bad run of CDs, our dedication to provide Quality products to our clients has resulted in very high degree of customer satisfaction.

In 1995, we moved to a new facility that gave us much more room. Having that room allowed us to add a state of the art mastering facility. We realized that the low cost of digital recording was leading to a time where many bands and artists would be recording in their own home studios. We foresaw a time where many of our clients would need professional mastering and engineering assistance. Our engineer, who started with the company at the very beginning, began the process of acquiring state of the art digital and analog equipment, computers and software needed to assist our clients in the mastering process. In the short time since 1995 we have helped scores of our artists sound their best and such famous artists as Collective Soul, Herman's Hermits (Peter Noone), and Arlo Guthrie's projects have passed through our engineering suite.

Today, after almost 2 decades in the duplication & replication business, Klarity Multimedia, Inc. is more dedicated than ever to the original principals our business was founded on "We combine exceptional quality products and services with prices that give our customers an exceptional value".

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