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The time to think about mechanical copyright licenses is NOW!!!

If you are using copyrighted material in your recording, you need to get permission to use this material before you sell or even give away any of your new recording. This process can take time... so now, while you are in the planning process, get your applications in. There are a number of organizations that will help you with this process for a fee, Here are three of them. You can also contact many of the publishers directly if you choose.

There are other agencies also, and you can call the copyright holder directly. If you have the sheet music or print material from a CD, Cassette, Video or Vinyl, the copyright holder(s) will be listed on the print material.

You can also check out our LINKS page for links to websites with copyright information. We want to help you have a great experience with your new CD, Cassette, or Video release ... so get started with these mechanical licenses early. It will make the duplication process go smoothly. If you need help or advise, call us at 1-800-837-8273. We will help guide you any way we can.

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