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Graphic Design!

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Klarity's Graphic Design Department specializes in working closely with every client. We know how hard you have worked on your project and that you want your graphics to be an artistic extention of the music. Our goal is to make sure the graphic design comes out exactly how you envisioned it! Or perhaps you want to do the design or have a friend who knows design, we're OK with that as well. We even offer a discount if you provide your own design layed out to our specifications.

Need posters, postcards, logo design, illustration, web sites, other promotional materials? We can design and provide much more for you! Whether you need black & white artwork, full color on one side and B&W on the other side (4 over 1), or full color on both sides (4 over 4), we can provide it for you. Just give us your thoughts, tell us about your music, maybe provide some photos and text, we will listen to your music to get a feel for your style and the visual creative process begins! If you would like to self-design, just give us a call at 888-387-8273 or email us at graphics@klarity.com and we will assist you with any specification you will need. See them below. Hey, we love this stuff, just like you love your music!

Our Design Specs: All image files must be in CMYK mode (not RGB, this is for the web, not print), 350 dpi/ppi minimum resolution, TIFF or EPS file format, designed in either QuarkExpress™, Adobe PhotoShop™,or Adobe Illustrator™ (layered files preferred for all incase changes are needed). JPEG and GIF are not acceptable formats for print. Bleeds are to be 1/8" or 3mm with all images that bleed past any page boundaries. All font files, TTF or PostScript (including printer and screen fonts) must be provided. Designs can be submitted on either ZIP disc or CDR (no re-writable's please). Self-Designs that do not fit the above minimum design specs or that require extra manipulation to make ready for press, do not qualify of the Self-Design discount. For more thorough design specs visit the templates page, call us at 888-387-8273 or email graphics@klarity.com with your questions.


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