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How important is your Master?

CDs are a binary bit by bit replica of your master. Whatever is or isn't there regarding volume and sound quality may be able to be changed before your project is replicated. In this day and age of home studios we find that we receive more and more masters that could use some "tweaking" to get them to the same volume and engineering standards as major label releases.

We can Help!

We've listened to thousands of masters and we know what your project needs to make it the best it can be. Our mastering studio uses Steinberg Wavelab and Sony Sound Forge to give our mastering engineer the flexability to make your master better. We provide pre-mastering at hourly rates or as a package based on the number of tracks and/or play time. Either way, we want to help you get the best possible product you can from the master you provide to us.

Post-Mix Mastering: includes level normalization, uniform track spacing, track order sequencing, volume mazimization, elimination of noise between tracks, and reference CDR. Note: Maximum time allwed on a CD is 74 minutes. For Mastering Packages and pricing call us at 888-387-8273.

Advanced Album Mastering: can provide amazing results to enhance your recording. Advanced mastering can sometimes eliminate going back into the studio for retracking or overdubs and can be done at an hourly or package rate. Our engineers are available for consultation to make suggestions, and estimate the cost. We will even test master a track for you before you decide to do your whole CD. Our engineering departments goal is have your project sound its very best!

Call our engineer at 888-387-8273 or email sales@klarity.com


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