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DVDs, long and short runs:


We now offer DVDs, mastering, and manufacturing available in long and short runs. Just ask us for more information on how we can meet your DVD requirements!

CD's, CDR's and CD-ROM's:

What's the difference? Well, a CD and a CD-Rom are both manufactured using a very expensive pressing machine, while CDR's can be recorded in less expensive towers and even in CDR drive (which can be purchased for PC's). CD's are a little bit better in quality than CDR's, but due to the nature of manufacturing, CD's must be ordered in large quantities. At Klarity, we require a minimum order of 500 before we will use CD's. On orders with quantities lower than 500, we will use CDR's. Our machinery allows us to produce multiple CDR's at a time with same high quality you are use to with our CDs. We also have added new Photorealistic print for CDRs so now you can choose full color thermal print or inkjet print image for your dupliacted discs depending on your budget.

As far as CD's versus CD-Rom's, generally a CD has recorded music or other sound tracks, and a CD-Rom has a software program of some type, or a combination of software and music. There is no price difference between CD's for sound and CD-Rom's for software, as it is the same media (the CD) with only the program being different. CD's are normally printed with two colors, but as many as five can be used if the customer is willing to pay a little more.

Whatever your CD needs are, Klarity can meet them with top quality CD's designed to meet every budget and fit every requirement.

CD Packaging:


Jewel cases can hold booklets of folders with as few as 2 pages up to 40 pages in full or four over one color.

Most of our CD orders are packaged in standard jewel boxes with print material. There are many other options available. Slimlines, are like jewel boxes, but thinner. The standard jewel box can also be used with clear, or colored trays. The clear tray gives a window on the left of the front cover for a banner, and also allows art to be printed under the disc. There are also tyvek sleeves, and special packaging, such as the cardboard mailer.

Full Color sleeves can be configured as a single pocket or can have multiple pages.

Paperboard packaging with plastic trays available in 4 or 6 panel versions.


Also available are Multiple CD set packaging. With a hinged tray, two CD's can be packaged together in a standard jewel box. Double jewel boxes are also available.

We also offer the popular Digi-pak which is similar to the GCD above only the tray is glued to the print rather than hinged from the side of the print.

Cassette Tapes:

Klarity has top quality machinery in place to duplicate and print your cassettes. Cassettes can be produced with program times as long as 100 minutes per cassette or as short as 5 minutes. We can record in Real Time or with our High Speed duplication equipment. We have the ability to print directly on your cassette shell with a variety of ink colors, and the shells can even be supplied in a variety of colors.

Cassette Tape Packaging:

Cassette tapes can be packaged in the standard Norelco Box, or in colored boxes (available in a variety of colors). Also, O-cards can be used, eliminating the need for the Norelco Box. In any case the Cassette can be overwrapped (standard with most Klarity packages).

Cassettes can also be packaged in special mulitple tape cases, for sets and/or Audio books. If you have special packaging requirements, contact us and we will walk you through it.

Audio Books:

Audio Books are available in CD or Cassette versions, binders can hold from one to thirty two CDs or Cassettes.

Audio books are becoming more and more popular as busy schedules don't allow much time for reading. People are rediscovering (and enjoying) the fun of reading a good story by listening to books on audio cassette or CDs. This can take place in your car, or on a bus/train ride, or even walking or jogging (by use of a walk-man type player).

If you are interested in recording an audio book ... Klarity has the technology to meet your challenge. We have many packaging solutions for combining multiple tapes or CDs into one audio book binder, with artwork. The art can be printed and inserted through a clear sleeve on the outside, or screen printed directly onto the binder. Also, we can supply printed inserts or booklets to go inside your package ... and, of course, will will print artwork on your cassette shells or CDs to complete the package.

The audiobooks shown in the photo are the first four volumes of Audio Drama 101 by the Lend-A-Hand Society, a compilation of short stories. These volumes are available from the Lend-A-Hand Society by writing to Lend-A-Hand Society, PO Box 2139, Fort Lee, NJ, 07024.


Klarity supplies complete graphic design services to its customers. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need a little help deciding ... we can help with leading edge designs. In addition to designing the graphics for your Cassette and/or CD package, Klarity can also design and produce Posters, Brochures, and other print media to support your marketing campaign. We also offer our customers web presence, and can help you set up your own web page.

Tell Me More:

If you would like to know more about any of Klarity's products, please email us.

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