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What is Klarity’s Match Score? 

Our algorithm analyzes companies across millions of data points to find exactly what you’re looking for; prospects that match the profile of your best current customers. You’ll understand what they need, easily start conversations, and ultimately convert them to a customer. Simpler and more precise than any customer prospecting tool on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Take a deep dive into Klarity’s product features with our FAQs below.

Klarity offers two ways to kick-start your prospecting journey. The first one is straightforward: simply enter company names of your best existing customers and watch Klarity’s algorithms go to work, identifying potential prospects with profiles that match those of your most attractive customers. The second option provides a more customized search, since you can hand-select filters for industry, company type, location, revenue, and number of employees.

There are three easy ways to contact Klarity’s customer support: (1) live chat, (2) email, and (3) our online support forum. Live chat is the fastest option for personalized support, and email offers a more in-depth solution for tough-to-crack questions. You can also refer to Klarity’s online support forum to find answers to the most common issues across the platform. Our customer support staff is available Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM EST.

Klarity’s Match Score filter is another helpful tool you can use to filter and sort prospects based on how closely they match your preferred search criteria. Once you enter your filters and click search, Klarity will go to work compiling a list of all relevant prospects that best match your selections. After you receive your search results, the Match Score filter will then measure and sort prospects by how closely they match your criteria.

Klarity’s search tools make it easy to find the most relevant prospects for your products and services. Klarity offers filter and sort options for all searches, so you can pick and choose search features that best match those of your ideal customers. For example, users can filter searches by industry, company type, and location (among many other options), and then Klarity will work its magic to show you which companies best match your selections.

Klarity’s Lookalike feature allows you to pinpoint prospects that best match the profiles of your ideal existing customers. Here’s how it works: once you pick your desired search filters, Klarity kicks into gear, analyzing millions of companies and contacts across dozens of data points to find exactly what you’re looking for—target prospects whose business profiles match those of your top-tier customers. This way, you get a better gauge of their specific pain points and a much easier route to customer conversion.

Klarity’s Bookmark feature helps you keep tabs on viable prospects so you can follow up with them at a later time. You can also bookmark promising leads and categorize them based on criteria of your choosing. Then when you’re ready to reach out, simply export those bookmarked prospects to your CRM. The more companies and contacts you save, the smarter Klarity’s algorithms become, ultimately helping you locate even more target prospects.

When you use Klarity’s Bookmark feature, you can organize saved leads into separate groups based on specific criteria of your choosing. These saved groups are your “collections,” and they help you stay organized while preparing for future outreach. You can add a new company or contact to an existing collection, or you can create a new collection to help further organize your leads.

Klarity’s Library feature works in tandem with the platform’s bookmarking tool. When you perform a search and land on a promising lead, simply click the starred icon of that company or contact, and Klarity will automatically save that lead to your Bookmarks library. Then when you click the Bookmarks button from the search results page or the primary navigation, the platform will take you right to your library. Here is where you can add prospects to existing collections or create a whole new group to better organize your leads.

Be confident in your prospect outreach with Klarity’s Last Verified Date tool—our proprietary measurement and confidence indicator that shows the most accurate, up-to-date information for companies and contacts across the platform. With this key data, you can feel confident initiating conversations with potential leads through email, phone, or social media without ever having to leave the Klarity platform.