Find Your Next Best Customer

Build top-quality customer profiles with just the click of a button. Klarity’s prospect-matching algorithms analyze millions of companies and contacts across dozens of data points to get you exactly what need: Prospect profiles that match those of your best existing customers. Boost your sales pipeline with picture-perfect leads and let the nurturing begin.

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Customize Your Prospect Search

Stop wasting precious time and money chasing prospects that don’t fit the bill. Our filtering and sorting features make it easy to focus on the right kinds of prospects—the ones most receptive to your products or services. Simply pick the filter options that best align with your current customer base and watch Klarity go to work, delivering you a customized list of promising leads.

Research Companies to Pin Down Leads

Take a deep dive into the DNA of prospective leads to determine if they really are a good fit. Klarity attaches an in-depth profile of every database contact across the platform, highlighting features like location, earned revenue, business model, and other general attributes. This way, you can decide whether a company is truly compatible with what you’re selling.

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Explore Key Contacts and Decision

Who exactly is your target audience? Sales directors? Operations professionals? Managing partners? With Klarity, you now have a fast, easy way to identify specific decision makers by role and function within any given company across the platform.

Bookmark Promising Prospects

Search and save promising leads to your Bookmark library, or group saved leads into custom categories of your choosing. When you’re ready to follow up, go ahead and export your bookmarked contacts into your CRM. The more companies and contacts you save, the smarter Klarity becomes at finding you the best possible prospects.

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