Bookmark Companies and Contacts for Later

Klarity fits into your workflow and makes your prospecting more efficient. Bookmark promising leads into collections — groups of leads that you fit neatly into custom categories of your choosing.

You can return later to your collections when you’re ready to follow-up with your leads, download for offline use, or export to your CRM. The more companies and contacts you save, the smarter our algorithms get about finding you even better lookalikes.

To save an interesting or promising prospect to your bookmarks, simply click on the starred bookmark icon of each company. This will automatically save that lead to your Bookmarks library.

Clicking on the Bookmarks button from the search results page, or in the primary navigation, will take you right to your library where you can add the company to an existing collection or create a new collection to help further organize your leads.

Our library feature also allows you to create collections for your existing customers when you add them to your Klarity account. Adding existing customers to Klarity helps us find you even better lookalikes and helps us fine-tune the match scores for bookmarks you save to specific collections.

The Klarity bookmark and collection features make it easy for you to not only grow your business by finding new promising customers, but also organize your current customers into groups for future outreach — all without ever leaving Klarity.