Find New Customers That Look Like Your Best Customers

Our company- and contact-matching algorithms analyze millions of companies and millions of contacts across dozens of data points to find you exactly what you’re looking for: prospects that match the profile of your best existing customers. You’ll have better luck understanding their pain points, starting a conversation, and ultimately converting them to a customer than with any other prospecting tool on the market.

Klarity gives you two options to kick off the matchmaking process with your best potential customers:

1. Enter the company name of your best current customer and let our algorithms do the work for you to serve up your best matches. 2. If you like to roll up your sleeves and specify the company characteristics that best match what you’re looking for, you can hand-select from filters for industry, company type, location, revenue, and number of employees. 

Even before you create an account with us, you have access to our complete database of companies, but registering for an account unlocks the ability to access verified contact information, view saved bookmarks, download contacts to your CRM and more!