Research Key Contacts and Decision Makers

Find the specific decision-makers inside a given company that you want to sell to. Are your most effective pitches to managing partners? Director-level operations professionals? We make it easy to search for exactly the role and function you’re looking for

Klarity’s easy-to-navigate search results showcase the company’s location, company type, number of employees, last verified date, and website. (If you’ve entered a company on which to base your search, you’ll also see how closely each company matches the one you entered.)

You’ll also see the name and title of a key decision maker on each company card. By default we show you a senior member of the company, but you can change the default either by filtering for a specific job title or role across all your search results, or by modifying this key decision maker on a per-company basis.

Once you’ve identified the key contact or contacts you’d like to know more about, clicking each contact icon reveals the key decision maker’s phone number, contact email, and link to their LinkedIn profile. You can contact leads directly via email, phone and LinkedIn without ever having to leave Klarity.

Registered users can view details for up to 250 contacts per month, and Premium users can view an unlimited number of contacts per month.