Sales & Marketing Starter Guide

The Sales & Marketing Starter Guide: A Growth Manual for B2B Small Businesses

B2B companies today have more options to reach their potential customers than ever before. But that number of options comes at a cost: feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to prioritize, and a noisier-than-ever landscape in which it's harder for any one specific method to break through.

With that in mind, we offer our step-by-step recommendations for which efforts to prioritize, and how to make the most of each of them to attract and convert the largest possible audience of in-market buyers to your product or service.

--Tatiana Jose-Santos and the Klarity Team

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Defining Your Target Customer

Customer Definition for B2B Companies: Why and How

Understanding your customer is critical for any business. In this guide we cover ICPs, buyer personas, customer segmentation and how these practices can have a downstream impact on your sales and marketing success.

Guide to Messaging and Value Propositions

B2B Messaging and Value Propositions

Understanding your target audience’s needs and driving forces is critical in order for your sales and marketing campaigns to resonate with your audience of potential customers. Through your messaging and value proposition, you connect what you have to offer with what your buyers are looking for.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies

B2B Lead Generation: Strategy and Tactics

While most companies understand the importance of lead generation, arriving at and executing on the right combination of lead generation strategies can be less clear. We’ll take you through the basics of lead generation and the best ways small B2B companies can generate high-quality leads.

Establishing Your Company's Sales Process

Establishing Your Company’s Sales Process

Organizing your sales activities into a defined set of stages not only allows you to set uniform goals across your sales team, but it can actually make the process of selling clearer and quicker — making your reps more effective and increasing your company’s revenue.

Guide to Closing More Deals

How to Close More B2B Deals

Closing the deal is the end goal of any sales team. In this guide learn the best techniques to make closing a sure practice.