An Example of B2B Marketing Best Practices

Qualtrics positions itself as a customer experience management company that helps enterprise companies collect and analyze data about their customers. Each of Qualtrics’ products is designed to track certain metrics that measure customer satisfaction. Throughout the various data services they offer, their passion for client service is a constant theme of their marketing materials. 

As one of the most successful IPO stories in recent memory, they’re clearly doing a lot of things right with their marketing!

Let’s take a look at some of the marketing techniques and strategies Qualtrics employs. 

Defining a Market Category

At its core, Qualtrics is basically a survey software company. If you’ve ever gotten a post-flight survey from a major airline, you’ve probably been on the receiving end of one of its surveys.

But rather than position themselves as such, they’ve led the creation of the “experience management” category. They’ve been wildly successful with this strategy of selling not just the survey software but also the wraparound analytics and customer support services that make their offering seem more advanced and comprehensive. (And, incidentally, justifies a much higher price point than their competition.)

Qualtrics website screenshot with market category example

Qualtrics has been so successful with its positioning that its primary competitor (SurveyMonkey) was all but forced to change its name so as not to be pigeonholed into the more established, but also more specific, market category of survey software.

As a smaller company, it’s unlikely you’ll have the resources to create a category. But perhaps you can differentiate and position your offering such that your customers evaluate you at a 90-degree angle to your competition. If you’re able to do so successfully, you may end up closing more deals.

Qualtrics website screenshot with messaging example

(An important aside: though Qualtrics’ brand messaging is all about experience management, its product messaging still uses plenty of terminology around surveys — useful for SEO as well as inbound marketing for a specific buyer persona.)

Highlighting Customer Stories

Right in its website’s primary navigation, Qualtrics highlights customer stories with their own tab.

Under the customer tab, case studies emphasize success with high-profile accounts such as Under Armour, BMW, and JetBlue.

Let’s look at the Under Armour customer story as an example. 

The article contains a video detailing the partnership as well as a written overview of how Qualtrics was invaluable to Under Armour’s success. 

Qualtrics designs the video solely around testimonials from Under Armour representatives. Here we learn Under Armour’s company goals, what their need was, how Qualtrics met that need, and how their company was better for it. 

Qualtrics website screenshot with Under Armour customer story example
The video documents that Under Armour lacked a centralized way to conduct product testing, collect data, and work with customers. Qualtrics notes that with their Customer Experience Management solution Under Armour has seen success in multiple different channels. 

With Qualtrics, Under Armour was able to sell more running shoes than ever before, win the 2019 Runner’s World Recommendation Award, and double their market share over a year. 

Qualtrics then directs visitors to a secondary article detailing the “intervention,” including direct quotes from the Senior Manager of Product Integrity/Innovation, Brian Thiel. This does a terrific job of relating to one of Qualtrics’ primary buyer personas at an ICP in the apparel industry.

Qualtrics website screenshot with Under Armour customer story article

“We went from about a hundred to 10,000 user testers. And it’s seamless for them” – Brain Thiel

The quotes showcase the human side of the services provided by Qualtrics, and the strong numerical callouts emphasize the metrics that made the customer so successful.

Featuring customer stories front-and-center is a great way to increase your credibility among potential customers who, hopefully, look like your existing customers. Using a high-profile company such as Under Armour is a strategic choice. Their mainstream products and big name may be the push that a customer needs to choose you. 

Doubling Down on Content Marketing with a Deep Resource Center

Qualtrics has a blog filled with posts that discuss topics such as market and design research, customer and employee experience strategy, and brand management.

Qualtrics website screenshot with blog image

Through blog posts Qualtrics is able to capture the attention of customers interested in topics related to their industry as well as promote their own services.

Take “Business surveys-16 free questionnaire templates you can download” as an example. This is the kind of top-of-funnel content that is likely to attract potential buyers in the awareness/discovery stage of their journey. 

Qualtrics website screenshot with blog post example

This post gives an overview on what a business survey is as well as which types are suited to different kinds of companies and interventions. Those looking to run surveys like CSAT or Net Promoter Score, may run into this article.

Qualtrics then links their own templates for each survey discussed which highlights their expertise and sophistication of their products. 

Articles and blog posts drive a huge amount of qualified traffic to their website and increase their visibility among their target customer base. 

Social Media Marketing

On LinkedIn and Facebook, Qualtrics does a great job repurposing its longer-form content into bite-sized, attention-grabbing images and blurbs.

Example One:

 Qualtrics Facebook post image with report example

Example Two:

Qualtrics Facebook post image with podcast example

Take a look at two examples from Facebook above. In these two examples, Qualtrics accomplishes the following:

  • Promoting Breakthrough Builders podcast content produced by them in collaboration with Charlene Li, a high-profile contact in their industry. 
  • Promoting a study and report conducted by their company on relevant topics for their audience. 
  • Keeping posts short and easy to digest. 
  • Using bright colors as well as noticeable fonts to catch the eye.

On-brand, relevant social media content like this again raises Qualtrics’ awareness among its potential target buyers.