Your Ideal Customer Profile Template

ICP Template

Below we have created an easy to use template for your business to utilize when creating and documenting your ICP:

Image of ICP Template

Important Firmographics to Document

How do your customers categorize themselves? Are they boutique law firms? Professional service businesses who work by appointment only? Heavy manufacturing companies?

Employee Count/Size
How many team members does the company employ? Are these employees remote or in-office? What’s their typical breakdown of job functions?

Who is likely to make the decision to purchase your product or service, or have influence on that decision?

Approximately how much revenue does the company generate annually? How do they generate this revenue — from a mix of clients, or from a few large clients?

Growth Rate
How quickly is the company growing, either in terms of revenue or employee count? Is growth even a primary focus?

Company Type: Public, private, or other?
How is your ideal customer’s company structured? Are they even a for-profit enterprise?

What does the company hope to accomplish, either by using your product/service or just generally as an overall mission?