Guide to Closing More Deals

How to Close More B2B Deals

Now that your lead generation efforts have brought in some promising leads, what do you do with those leads?

It’s time for perhaps the most important step of the sales process: proving your value to those leads by demonstrating that you understand them as customers. Relating to your buyer is what builds grounds for conversation in the first place. 

You want to show that you can empathize with your customer’s needs and problems. The more effectively you are able to empathize with your customer, the easier it will be to figure out how you can effectively convey the value of your solution to them. 

In order to begin understanding your customer, you need information. Close offers a great resource on the types of questions you can ask the buyer in order to gain a deeper understanding of what exactly they are looking for.

This chapter contains our synopsis of those questions, as well as closing techniques to use (and avoid!).

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