Top Buying Process Questions for Sales

Every business has a slightly different purchase decision-making process — and the process itself is one of the most overlooked parts of the sale. To ensure the highest likelihood of closing a deal, you should attempt to tease from the buyer how they’re going to make the decision, who’s going to inform that decision, and how complex their buying process is.

Top Questions to Help You Understand a Buyer’s Decision-Making Process

When deciding on a solution, which aspects of it are the most important?

The answer to this question helps you identify your prospect’s key buying criteria — important not only for your sales presentations, but also a great set of data points to circulate back to your marketing team as they continue to refine your company’s top-of-funnel messaging.

Who are the stakeholders involved in the decision to adopt a solution?

You’ll want to make sure you address the right messaging to the right stakeholder. For example, if the CFO is a key stakeholder, cost savings would likely be a good benefit to lead with. A director of IT might be most concerned about speed or difficulty of implementation or challenges with integration into their current technology infrastructure.

When was the last time you bought a similar solution? What was the process like?

Not only will the answer to this question potentially tease out additional influencers you might engage to help get your deal over the line, but it will assist you in identifying a rough timeline, and perhaps even a likelihood of close based on the complexity and speed (or lack thereof) in your prospect’s previous engagement(s).

At a minimum, understanding the timeline and when certain stakeholders become involved in the decision can help you strategize a plan of engagement: what messaging to highlight when, and to whom.