Top Sales Questions that Help You Create Urgency

These questions can help nudge buyers who show a desire for the product, yet are a bit hesitant to give the go ahead, into the next step of the journey. Here, you can understand how the buyer is prioritizing this issue, and how quickly you can capitalize on an opportunity.

Top Sales Questions That Can Induce an Immediate Need

How would you rank this on your list of priorities?

The answer to this question tells you whether or not choosing your solution to the problem they are currently facing is a priority for them. You obviously don’t want to continue engaging with a prospect who is occupying your time, only to discover they don’t really have a strong motivation to purchase.

But if it’s simply a matter of a delay in the company’s buying cycle, it may be a good idea to continue to nurture and engage the prospect with relevant content until the time is right to re-engage.

What goals does your company/department/team have for this year?

This tells you whether the buyer’s goals match with the solution you’re selling. If there are team goals that your product or service can help them achieve, this is another way to approach the conversation with your buyer — and give some insight into their timeline.

Asking these types of questions helps the buyer clarify for themselves and for you how painful the problems they’ve identified really are, and what the most realistic timeline is for a successful close for both parties.