Top Sales Discovery Questions

Discover your customer’s true needs.

Questions in this category are generally open-ended. You want to identify how your customer’s business works and the issues they are facing and wish to overcome.

If there is no way you can help a lead that landed in your funnel, you need to maximize your time efficiency, and move on to potential buyers that actually have needs that are suited for your business’s products or services.

Asking questions in a polite but firm manner here will help ensure that you get the answer to your question efficiently without coming off as abrasive. The interest you show in your potential buyer’s business helps build rapport and trust with them.

Top Sales Discovery Questions

What are the current challenges your business is facing?

This will give you a surface-level insight as to what problems the buyer is experiencing, and how you can steer the conversation towards tackling at least one of those pain points with your offering.

Are you currently using a solution to assist with that challenge?

If the buyer has already adopted a solution but is still facing the challenge, it gives you an opportunity to play up your competitive advantage.

What are the main obstacles that are immediately obstructing your team’s progress?

This tells you about the roadblocks your customer is facing internally, and gives you the opportunity to think, once again, if this customer is right for you. If the service you provide is not going to help their needs, it is better for everyone in the long term that you address that immediately, rather than continuing a fruitless conversation in hopes that something may happen. 

If you were to adopt a solution to those problems, what results would you expect to see?

With their answer, the buyer will give you a view into their expectations for your product. This makes the specific benefits of your solution to highlight crystal clear. Align your discussion towards your customer’s metrics of success.

How fast would you want to see results?

Another measure of how the buyer expects your solution to perform. Is it reasonable for your business to meet their expected timeframe? Can you help them achieve their goals even faster?