Summary of Deal-Closing Best Practices

  • Taken together, the main purpose of asking questions in your sales process is to let the buyer come up with the scenario they most resonate with. From there, you can fit your offering into that scenario, as opposed to flying blind with respect to your buyer’s goals and motivations with a cookie-cutter conversation or presentation.

  • The Assumptive Close, Summary Close, “I understand” Close, Question Close, and the Now or Never Close are all tried-and-true closing strategies. Each sales conversation will be different, but experimenting with each may ultimately help you refine your most successful strategy.

  • Avoid over-researching prospects and creating false assumptions; don’t over-qualify perfectly good prospects out of their interest in your offering; don’t badmouth your competition or threaten your prospects. Don’t over-promise; try not to close too early, but be sure to ask for the close when the time is right.