Top Sales Questions that Help You Prove Value

Explaining the ins and outs of your product to the buyer right from the start may prove more detrimental than useful. Buyers today are more informed than ever about the products and services they’re considering, typically educating themselves on at least a surface level before they even agree to a call with your business.

So instead of diving right into the details, ask questions that allow you to highlight the value your product or service can deliver.

Help your customer understand that their problem is something your business can easily handle, and how quickly results will come.

Top Sales Questions that Help You Prove Value

What would success look like to you when using a new solution?

Cut right to the chase with this question. Work backwards from your buyer’s ideal state and how your offering can help them achieve it.

How do you track success? Are there any specific metrics that new solutions could improve?

Your buyer’s answers to these questions will shed light on the points you should focus on when discussing the features of your service. You might consider asking these questions as a follow-up to your question about their goals.

What budget would you consider spending to solve this problem?

This tells you the value which they give YOUR product and provides a baseline for price negotiation. Talking pricing before value is generally frowned upon and you may not even want to bring up this topic until further into your conversation.