The Importance of CRM’s and Which to Use

CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM software allows you to collect and organize data about your leads, customer, and sales activities. 

CRM software is also a great way to visualize and automate your pipeline. Not only can you store all the key demographic, firmographic, and contact data of your leads and customers, but you can also analyze your sales reps’ activities as well. 

The data stored in your pipeline CRM is recorded and updates automatically so there is no need to do any manual input. This saves you time and makes sure that your pipeline is always up to date.

Using the data and analytics your CRM tracks your sales reps can effectively close more deals quicker. 

There are hundreds of CRM platforms out there and not all are one size fits all. Here we will recommend some of the best sales pipeline CRMs for your company. 

CRM’s for Very Small Businesses


Salesmate Screenshot

Salesmate is a great resource for start-ups that may not have the expertise to handle a large learning curve, but would still like to automate their selling. 

Salesmate has a drag and drop feature to add data as well as task automation at each step of the sales pipeline. With Salesmate you can analyze the health of each deal and track multiple pipelines at once. 

For Small Businesses 


Pipedrive Screenshot

Pipedrive markets their platform as so easy to use it can be done in only a couple of minutes. Pipedrive allows you to customize your pipeline stages, enter your deals and drag and drop them when they’ve been closed. 

You can schedule all your sales activities directly in Pipedrive, integrate directly with your G Suite or Outlook account, and analyze your progress with robust reporting features.


Keap Screenshot

Keap allows you to automate lead capture using forms, landing pages, social media, importing spreadsheets, and scanning business cards. You can personalize follow-ups and sales activities for each lead as well as automate your sales process. 

Keap also offers integrations with multiple apps such as QuickBooks and HelloSign.

For Mid-Market Companies


Zendesk Screenshot

Zendesk is marketed as a powerful CRM platform target towards increasing sales and improving collaboration. At a mid-market level, communication between teams is integral and Zendesk makes this process simple. 

Zendesk offers a customizable pipeline, power dialing, lead scoring, adaptable integrations, and drag-and-drop reporting dashboards. 

With the multitude of benefits offered Zendesk is an obvious choice for larger companies that require more complex pipelines. 


Hubspot Screenshot

Hubspot is one of the best-known CRM platforms and for good reason! Hubspot offers popular features such as email tracking and templates, in app calling, document sharing, and deal and task management. 

What sets their CRM offering apart (aside from its free cost) is their aggregate data benchmarks from over 100,000 companies so that you can measure your business’ progress and manage your pipeline accordingly.