How to Build Your Sales Process

Building your own sales process is actually fairly simple. You are probably using an informal one already, you just didn’t know it!

The key is just to memorialize the discrete steps you’re taking, or would like to add to your sales activities. 

We recommend starting with a spreadsheet. 

  1. First, begin by laying out your y-axis and x-axis categories on your spreadsheet to organize your data.
  2. On your y-axis identify the current stages your sales team undertakes. You may need to compare notes and processes between reps. Does your sales team dedicate time to qualify their leads? Do they conduct a formal proposal stage?

    Use the culmination of your research to define these steps and give each step its own row on your y-axis. 

  3. Your x-axis is going to hold all of the metrics you should be tracking. Some metrics we recommend looking at are conversion rates between steps or the amount of time prospects spend in each step.
  4. Next on your x-axis add a column for sales activities. For each stage you listed on your y-axis list out what sales activities your sales reps undertake.
  5. Now look at the gaps. Is your team missing any of the stages we recommended earlier in this article? Are there too many steps and can some be combined? We also recommend taking a look at some of your metrics.

    If you have low conversion rates between steps or your prospects are lingering at a certain stage of your sales process for a while it may be time to re-evaluate your approach.

    You can use this information to re-adjust your sales activity or maybe introduce a new stage between steps. 

You can use a spreadsheet to visualize exactly how your sales team is conducting their sales activities. You can also edit and revisit your process here periodically to adjust your sales process. 

We recommend using something like Google Sheets for a more collaborative experience. It’s important for everyone on your sales team to have a voice in building this process. Different sales reps will bring experience and new ideas to the table on how to establish a sales process that will maximize time and resources.

Image of a sales process spreadsheet template in Google Sheets

Here we offer our own template spreadsheet that enables anyone to view it and edit their own values. If you want to give the above exercise a try we’ve made it that much easier for you!