Guide to Sales Team Structure

How to Structure Your B2B Sales Team


So, you’re looking to increase sales and are thinking about setting up a power sales team to keep your pipeline full. 

While this remains an entirely achievable goal, like many companies, you must figure out your sales team structure. Will you use inside or outside sales? Can you integrate both, or do you dedicate more resources to one? How many team members should you hire for each, and when?

All valid questions, but the answers are not so cut and dry. 

Inside and outside sales are often thought of as two sides of the same coin. While you can use them together to create a valuable whole, the differences between them are rather significant. 

In a nutshell, inside sales are better-suited for increasing sales velocity, and outside sales are better-suited for products and services with high values. Dedicating your resources to one sales structure without taking into account its fit within your company can cost you time, energy, and a lot of aspirin! 

We hope that the following guide helps you make an informed decision on how you want to structure your sales team.

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