How Inside Sales and Outside Sales Can Work Together

It is more likely that you will use both strategies in your sales team rather than focusing your efforts in just one. With that in mind, you can strategically divide and conquer your accounts by allocating them appropriately to each rep who is skilled in either inside or outside techniques. 

For example, you could split your team and have inside reps focus on small businesses or lower dollar-value accounts.

Why would you do this? 

An SMB is likely focused on an immediate solution making their purchase much more transactional. It is not worth your company’s resources to continually nurture and invest money in a smaller account. Their account value may not outweigh the outside sales resources required to obtain their business.  

Allocating your inside reps to SMBs will allow your outside reps to focus on larger accounts and SMEs. Enterprises operate at a higher level of sophistication than an SMB. This means that they are focusing on long-term solutions with long-term effectiveness. This also may mean a larger more focused team. 

When dealing with multiple stakeholders in a purchase your sales cycle is likely to be longer and you will have to build a relationship with all key decision makers. 

Tactically, you’re setting your inside sales reps to bring in higher amounts of smaller accounts and your outside sales reps to bring in larger accounts but maybe at a smaller volume.