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Technology Enabled

Pure Incubation’s technology infrastructure and interfaces have been custom-designed and developed to serve the very specific needs of the company’s subsidiaries and their clients.

The PI development team has produced a unique suite of innovative and integrated operations and delivery solutions from scratch to deliver an optimal feature set with flexible scalability and high efficiency.


Built from the ground up, PI’s one-of-a-kind technology assets give the company a critical market advantage. No other player in the lead generation space has a technology stack that enables the comprehensive, end-to-end data and demand generation solution provided by Pure Incubation’s subsidiary companies, PureB2B and MedData Group.

The in-house development group leverages a cross-functional team of internal and external tech resources to consistently provide PI’s portfolio companies with the tailored CMS, CRM, administrative, data management, campaign management, and telemarketing platforms they need to deliver outstanding value to their clients.


All of Pure Incubation’s proprietary technology has been fully road-tested and optimized. The tech team’s deep experience and methodical approach to development ensures that every step in the process — from concept to release and beyond — is carefully planned and expertly implemented.

As with every other aspect of the business, technology innovation is driven by data and insights rather than gut feelings.

Fully Integrated

Perhaps most important of all, the development team is a fully integrated part of the Pure Incubation organization. At every phase of development, the tech team works closely with every other division in the company. This tight collaboration ensures that each developer has a detailed understanding of end user needs and how things work across the parent and subsidiary companies. The tech team understands not only what they are building, but why they are building it and how it will support the overall business goals.

Though they have already built an impressive technology platform that is flexible and scalable enough to keep up with the growing needs of the market, the PI tech team never rests on their laurels.

They are constantly looking ahead, designing the next innovation. Their aggressive roadmap encompasses a variety of internal and external additions and enhancements that will continue to keep them one step ahead of the competition.